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  Can't Sing - Wont Sing
WINNER's 2013

Stevie Dean  Cant Sing- Wont Sing Winner
Friends Bar
10th of February - 14th of April 2013
Being able to sing feels fantastic!!
After all, nothing can beat the charm and appeal of singing some of the greatest tunes
with friends over a few cans of beer and some chips at karaoke bar.

ďCanít sing - Wont singĒ Music Contest started on 10th of February 2013 and has been run for ten weeks with a live show every Sunday at the Friends Bar in Paphos.
The project was aimed at people who had no singing experience at all, but those who dreamt of being able to sing.

Participants were receiving weekly coaching from two professional Paphos based singers: Stevie Dean and Anna Voloshina.
Here is the Names of 12 finalists:

Demitrii Elena Zharkova Catherine Jan
Demitrii Elena Catherine Jan
Arthur Anna Sylvia Irina
Arthur Anna Sylvia Irina
Douglas Anton Nikos Alexander
Douglas Anton Nikos Alexander
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Can't Sing
Wont Sing Image
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Itís all about having a
fun and giving you the
confidence to sing like
no one else in the room listening.


Our Sound Technicians:
- Alexander 96455318 - Music show...
- David 96349276 - DJ's Juke Box Jive....
- Matthew - Music show...

Our Professional Camera Man:
- Leonid 99460602
- Igor 99809879

Our Hair Stylists:
- Anna 99939303
Xenia Haidressing Salon

Canít sing Ė Wont Sing Music Contest
Thanks all administration team
and sponsors for all the efforts and support
they provided in the project organisation.
stelios - Friends Bar
Stelios - Friends Bar

The shows were presented by
TOTT Events img
TOTT Eventsí Matthew Edmondson!!!

Stevie Dean Our Professional Mentors:

Stevie Dean,
a professional vocal entertainer,
well-known in Paphos,
Anna Voloshina
and new in Paphos
Anna Voloshina-
experienced vocal teacher, singer and winner of international competitions!!!

Our Judges:

Irene Ray Ghonny G Danny Delany Ludmila
professional singer
and entertainer
karaoke presenter
Johnny G
Rock Fm Radio
and karaoke presenter
Danny Delaney
professional singer
and entertainer
music teacher

Our Sponsors:

  Can't Sing - Wont sing image

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