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Paphos People Nights Out

The social events formerly known as the Taverna Club have recently been rebranded into a more all-encompassing title of "Paphos People Night Out" to reflect the diverse nature of some of the locations and events we have taken part in and have planned for the future,

These nights out are a key part of what Paphos People is all about, informal social occasions where a group of us can all get together, relax and have some nice food and a few drinks, try out new restaurants and tavernas and meet up with old friends and make plenty of new ones.

Next Night Out

Paphos People Nights out are help on the last Friday of every month - for details of the next event, please visit our Forum.

Previous Nights Out

We have visited a number of locations since we first started these regular get-togethers - those on the list already include:

If you would like to suggest or recommend a venue for a future Night Out, please contact





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