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Paphos Local Charities

At Paphos People we like to give as much support as possible to local charities, both by giving them plenty of free exposure on the Paphos People Forum and helping to raise funds at our regular social events.

Local charities (this list in not exhaustive, if you would like your charity to be included on this page, please contact the

Cancer Patients Support Group

The Friends of The Paphos Hospice

PARC - Peyia Animal Rescue Club

Paphiakos & C.C.P. Animal Welfare

PAWS Dog Shelter

CYDRA - Cyprus Dogs Rehoming Association

Malcolm Cat Protection Society



Email:  General telephone enquiries: 26934682, Website:

Helpline: 77 77 72 67.

Help for Heroes donations:

Dear Mr N Hart
Donation Ref: 20090928-8294-7066

Help for Heroes gratefully acknowledges your generous donation of 286.00 Euros.
We are so very grateful and humbled by your kindness and generosity; we know how hard it is to raise money and therefore we try and ensure every penny goes to our wounded Heroes.

Help for Heroes was launched in October 2007. Like you, we believe that the people of this country wanted an outlet to show their support for ‘our’ blokes, the men and women of our Armed Forces, regardless of politics or feelings about war. People felt helpless but H4H has given them a way to do something positive and to show their support and you have done just that!

We do not provide individual benevolence; instead we provide capped grants to organizations and charities best equipped to support ‘our’ blokes. This can mean, for example, that we fund the building of facilities such as the £8 Million H4H Rehab Complex at Headley Court; £3.5 Million to Combat Stress to deal with the mental effects of war and things like fund welfare packs for the hospitals as well as supporting the wonderful work done by the Battle Back Programme.

Our latest fund raising appeal of £20 Million is for the Recovery Centres which, although the project is being led by the Army, will be available to members of all Services on a case by case basis.

If you would like further information or would like to sign up for our newsletter, please visit our website at

Once again thank you so much for your donation, it is hugely appreciated and very much needed. Thumbs up!

Yours sincerely

Mark Elliott
Chief of Staff
Help for Heroes Limited a company limited by guarantee. Registered in England and Wales under number 6363256. Registered charity number 1120920. Unit 6. Aspire Business Center, Ordnance Road. Tidworth, Hants SP9 7QD. Tel 0845 673 1760 Email:


This is a note of thanks received for a donation by the members of Paphos People to the Peyia Animal Rescue Club:


I am writing to say a big thank you to Paphos People for your very generous donation to Peyia Animal Rescue Club.

The support you have given to parc is really appreciated. It helps us to help so many animals in the Paphos area. Although we predominantly work with animals in Peyia, Coral Bay , Kissonerga and Chloraka areas we will never refuse to treat an animal in distress..

Although we cannot hope to accommodate all the homeless animals here in Cyprus we do try very hard to help those that are sick or injured as well as tiny orphan babies. We now feed around one hundred animals each day and are now spaying/neutering over 300 cats each year.

In the past three months we have found good homes for 25 dogs and 5 cats. One of the dogs had been found on the beach very near death. Another young bitch was found wandering in Chloraka in a terrible state full of fleas and sores. When she went to her new home today she had a shiny coat and her eyes were gleaming. This dog was unrecognisable from the dog that was picked up only three weeks ago.

It is important to appreciate that Parc is not a shelter. We provide medical care to sick and injured homeless animals and if possible we will find a foster home for them until they are offered a forever home. We do not compete with the animal shelters, we compliment them. We often have animals waiting to be adopted and we are always needing people to provide foster care..

For more information about Parc you can visit our website

Our sincere thanks to you all.

Ruth Mew (Chairperson).


Previous Charity Donations:



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