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Kato Paphos Redevelopment - March Update

Another month has passed and the work continues apace at the Kato Paphos redevelopment site. The only interesting new fact to report is that the Chinese craftsmen, who it had been mooted would be travelling to Cyprus to lay the hundreds of thousands of granite blocks, failed to materialise. Press reports suggest that there were insurmountable difficulties relating to their visas. Instead a team of Bulgarian workers will be laying the blocks.

Work has in fact started and only just over a week into the task, it is already beginning to take shape. Sensibly the limited access to the site by the public which had become a regular Sunday feature has been stopped, both to preserve the site and to avoid injury to pedestrians.

With approximately two months left until the development is scheduled to finish, there is no sign of work having started in the shop fronts, and at the present rate of progress, it will take all of that time to lay the blocks. Work is now going ahead on seven days a week, so while on the 23rd of March, it was Easter Sunday for Catholic Europe, and for many of the tourists visiting the island, Bulgaria, like Cyprus, has an Orthodox Christian tradition and work pressed on regardless. Easter here is of course at the end of April.

In addition to the hundreds of pallets of blocks that had been stacked on the promenade, additional stocks are gradually taking over the car park. A majority of these blocks will form a cobbled pedestrian area, where at least some of the area will be made available for restaurants to provide on-street catering, much as the harbour area is currently cluttered with tables and chairs.

The roadway will have one-way traffic, and indications are that traffic in this area will be kept to a minimum. Whether this remains the case in the face of the inevitable protests it will bring from the powerful taxi drivers lobby, we will have to wait a little longer to see



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