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Paphos People Picture Gallery - Taverna Club Night - Melania Tavern, 28th March 2008

Tiggy, Jean & Andrew Romar and friend
Molly and barratsbird.... Piglet
The exercise machine arrives... Starchild and Linda G
Rebel Sam and clan Paphos Ness, Doctor Keo and Aargent
Minerva, Dee, TomH & Mal Twosox Jackie attempts to buy small child....
Starchild, Phil, Neil, Pete & Captain Fantastic Bubbles, Mia, Sam & Tina Mason
Excitement builds ahead of the raffle.... ...keeps building....
Prizes kindly donated by (in no particular order) Plazan, Lay-z-Buoy, Athena Designs, Holitec, Pool & Patio...
Melania tavern, Verity, Maureen, Jolly Green Giant, Too Nice to Slice, Pals magazine, Angling Adventures
Junior Petes encouraged to start early...  
.....more prizes....
...more still.....
Increasingly bizarre range of facial expressions from Neil as the prizes keep coming...
More excitement for the charity auction... Pafian Paul and Rock FM team chip in
The grand finale.... And it's a will for Starchild thanks to Louise Zambartas
Collection plate adds to the takings... BigDutch turns up late
..and immediately starts not-drinking The ever-radiant Peppermint
Still not sure where the French stick came from! Trollydolly, Starchild, Tiggy & Twosox
The bill for damages is assessed.... Peppermint and Twosox

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