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PP Advertising Rates

Paphos People is now into its 5th year as the leading community website for the Paphos region. With around 1700 visitors everyday and over 17,000 pages looked at everyday, of which 90% are British expats living, or thinking about moving to Cyprus. Readership is up 50% on last year.

We know, that advertising on paphos people works!

If you don't want to take our word for it, read what our advertisers say:

We have sponsored Paphos People for 3 years now and we are really very pleased with our statistics which show a healthy flow of traffic directly coming to our site from Paphos People.

Our sponsorship has definitely increased our traffic resulting in more new clients seeking our business services. More traffic means more sales of our client's property and more business for Cyprus Resales Direct. Our rental service has also benefited from our sponsorship resulting in more listings and more fulfilled rental enquiries.

We would highly recommend sponsorship of Paphos People forum to keep your business visible to members and passing traffic.


Many thanks to the admin, moderators and staff of the forum, we have now been advertising through the targeted banner system for 2 years as the forum has grown and our hits to the target market have grown directly and with an audit trail as a result of this. We intend to continue such advertising and are proud to be associated with such a forum.

Advertising budget well spent...

New Home Cyprus

I have been advertising with PP for three years now. I am absolutely delighted with the results and have to say what a marvelous source of business it has been for me. I also would like to say how prompt and helpful the technical side has been as well. All in all, it's probably the best form of advertising I've used.

Lesley at the Prince Pub


Advertisers rates

Paphos People’s advertising prices are as follows:

Option 1: Home page €500 per year

Sponsorship, Banner on home page with link to company website or a micro-page

2x6 monthly payments of €250

Option: 2: to sponsor our site\ forum: €400 per year.

Sponsorship, Banner with link to company website or a micro-page

created FREE on our site only €400 .   2x6 monthly payments of €200

Contact for this option!

(We’ll require your Company Logo, a Link to your website & a Phone No)

Option 3:  Website Front Page Business section: €220 per year.

Business Section Button with link to company website or a micro-page on our site only €220.

Contact for this option!

(For this you get a button on our ‘Business’ section with a link to your company website)

(We’ll require your Company Logo, a Link to your website & a Phone No)

Option 4: Forum 'Property' Business Section: €100 per year.

(For this you get: 250 words + 4-6 jpeg photo's - We'll adjust pic sizes accordingly)

Please note:

Paphos People does not guarantee advertising exclusivity to any of our business or

Service advertisers

All advertising runs from 31\01 yearly, except for options 1and 2.

For further details Email us on
 or ring Neil on 


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