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Rock of Aphrodite (Petra Tou Romiou)

1. Photo of Attraction


2. Nearest Town/Village
Kouklia or Pissouri
3. Region of Cyprus
4. Distance from Paphos
(Paphos motorway roundabout): Approx 25Km on the A6 or B6.
5. Driving Time
6. Google Earth


7. Description of Attraction
You can't fail to be impressed by this beautiful coastline of azure sea and white cliffs.

Legend has it this is the spot The Greek Goddess of love and beauty was born, she rose from the white foam of the waves and upon her head was placed a gold crown. She came to rest in Kouklia which also forms part of the Aphrodite Cultural Trail.

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9. Additional Information
a) It is advisable to access the beach via the underpass, although you can cross the road it can be busy at times.
b) Toilets and showers are available in the cafe adjacent to the car park.
c) The sea in this area is tidal and can shelve steeply, it is not suitable for children unless supervised.
d) The beach is pebbly with little in the way of sand and not suitable for wheelchairs.
10. Directions to Location
The nature trail is adjacent to the car park and runs for approx 4Km it is well signposted throughout the route. Along the trail is a picnic area on a small headland looking out to sea. The picnic site is accessible by road on the B6 in the direction of Paphos.


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