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Paphos People Picture Gallery - Taverna Club Night - Costas Tavern, Peyia 25th April 2008

The sun is setting as everyone arrives at Costas....
Mark, Captain Fantastic and CF Senior CF's Mam, Peppermint & Cyprus Shopping Queen
George Clooney & Andy Gray.... Phil & Pete
.....& Starchild Aargent, Minerva and Terrier Chris
Tiggy & Andrew Candy, Grace and Paramed
Les and Trollydolly congratulate Pete on Newcastle's fine derby victory! Jean & Starchild
Sammia Vocal Alberto & Terry
Bob & Julie pose as Verity continues to stalk the camera man... Mal & John
Nancy & Sue Piglet, Trollydolly & Jean
Neil & his younger, better-looking sister Chris, Dave & Katie
Piglet' Mum, Simon, Piglet, Terrier Chris & Duchess Smokers' corner...
The Fantastic Family Piglet and her Mum
The Clooney Family

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